Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Four Motions- Part Three

Engage Relationally

Perhaps this is where the whole ball of wax falls apart. First, a definition. Engaging our world means that we don't retreat away from it. Remember Jeremiah 29? That whole idea. But engaging relationally is more than on an institutional basis. More than an address change for the Jews, God called them into the city to seek it's welfare. To serve.

You can't do that without investing yourself not only in the institution, but the people. Simply, engaging relationally is when Christians develop meaningful relationships with non-Christians. Some may call this relational evangelism... I think the world calls it just showing up. For students who are Christ followers, there is the propensity to shun those who aren't Christians, or to look down on them. When I was in school, the group of Christians ate together. Sat together. Walked together. Talked together. And... to no one else. If you weren't in the group, about the only time that you were talked to was a random day when they were handing out tracts.

It's time that we Christians learn how to show love. It's time we show up. Steve McCoy posted an article recently about this. He argued that we shouldn't say "love the sinner, hate the sin" without actually lifting one finger to show love to them. Some students need to be challenged to develop relationships with non-Christians, otherwise they will never be able to transform their culture. Really, this motion goes hand-in-hand with the fourth, Live Differently, which gives students a handle on how their conduct should reflect Christ. But there is no doubt, Christians should be in the process of developing relationships with non-Christians wherein the friend is given a glimpse of what their life could be like with Christ.

Big Idea: Students sharing Christ with others.
Bigger Idea: Students sharing Christ with others through meaningful relationships.

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